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Academy for Civil Services & CSIR/UGC Examinations
With the financial assistance from UGC, Christ college will run an academy for the coaching classes for civil services and CSIR / UGC classes. Admission is free for SC/ST students, and partially subsidized for OBC/OEC/Minority students.
Hygiene Chemistry
The course intends to give adequate knowledge to the students about the methods for the manufacture of soaps, detergents, body oils, shampoos, talcum powders, cleanser liquids, cosmetics etc, and the chemistry behind them. Practical training in various firms will enable the students either to work in such factories or to start such mini firms. The quality control techniques help the students to assess and grade the commercial items available in the market. The course intends to create an enviro-friendly attitude among the students in the handling of chemicals and minimizing their ill effects on nature and human health.
Water Management
The course on water management is useful in tackling the problems pertainning to water and environment. Excessive extraction of water including ground water, polluting the natural water bodies, degradation of soil etc are some of the main strains on water resources. The course offers adequate training on rain water harvesting, conservation and management, reuse and recycling, waste treatment etc.
Tax Procedure and Practice
The course imparts basic knowledge to the students on tax procedure and practice. Both direct and indirect Tax Practice are included. This will enable the student to prepare and submit Tax returns for individuals and business units. Course fee of the above course will be announced later.
Communicative English
Communication is the key to success in life and effective communication calls for mastery over language. The course intends to develop the communication skills of the students both in written and spoken English. The course is activity oriented and task based to equip the students for both day to day and official communication. The training will also enable the students to face the challenges in the communication skills posed by the emerging careers.